Facts & Favs

About Stephen
  • Stephen is 5′ 10″ (1.78 m) tall
  • At the age of 24, Stephen moved into a purple houseboat on a London canal and spent his time entertaining rock star, Pete Townshend, and other celebrity guests
  • Got a DUI at 15 and lost his license for a year
  • Was below the legal age when he lost his virginity
  • He became Brentwood Theatre’s first patron in October 2007
  • His grandfather was a boxer and a coach. Stephen loves the sport as well and is currently training with boxer Freddie Roach.
  • Was supposed to appear in the FOX drama pilot NSA Innocent (retitled Company Man), but got the role in HBO’s True Blood. His earlier role was taken over by Jason Behr.
  • Graduate of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art
  • Life philosophy: “It’s about embracing life, and love, and living for today, and the most for today and the generosity of the human spirit.”
  • His favorite color is purple
  • He wears the coolest shirts – “I like Sloths,” is one of our favorites
  • He loves photography and prefers Canon cameras
  • He loves to rehearse and is a perfectionist when it comes to shooting a scene
  • Why the name change from Emery to Moyer? He didn’t want to be known as a horse’s ass. He got his first Equity card for a role in the pantomime Oliver in the same week as another actor by the same name. The other Stephen was literally “playing the back end of a horse, I swear to God, it’s true,” said Moyer. The other actor kept the name.
About his Career
  • Winner of the 2010 Battle of the Fang charity competition hosted by Simply Moyer, True Blood News, and alexskarsgard.net
  • 2010 Scream Awards – “Holy Shit! Scene of the Year” for True Blood
  • 2010 Cosmopolitan Magazine – “Fun Fearless Male Awards”
  • (2010) Screen Actors Guild Awards – Nominated, Actor for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series for True Blood (2008)
  • (2010) Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA – Nominated, Saturn Award for Best Actor on Television for True Blood (2008)
  • (2009) Won Satellite Award – Special Achievement for Best Ensemble, Television for True Blood (2008)
  • (2009) Won Screamfest Audience Award, Best Horror Actor for True Blood (2008)
  • First television role was a sitcom titled “Conjugal Rites”
  • Once part of the Royal Shakespeare Company
  • Once had his own theater company called “The Reject Society”
  • Stephen was named as one of Entertainment Weekly’s 14 hot male Vampires in 2009, for his role as Bill Compton on True Blood
  • Has played a vampire in a TV series twice, once as as Jack Berrisford on BBC’s Ultraviolet and as Bill Compton. Stephen has naturally sharp canine teeth, which were whitened for his role in Ultraviolet
  • Has worked three times with director John Avnet on 88 Minutes (2008), The Starter Wife (2007), and Uprising (2001)
  • Early in his career Stephen made a commercial for Gevalia coffee
  • Sang in church choir and then in a play at age 10 titled The Gypsy Baron
  • Possesses a lovely tenor voice (see True Blood, season 2, episode titled “Hard-hearted Hannah”)
  • A big music fan who once performed in a band called The Prophecy, described by Stephen as “sort of a kind of poppy-rocky-jive-jazzy fusion”
  • Plays the ukulele and piano
  • Attended the band Radiohead’s concert for Haiti with Anna in January, 2010; the band is a favorite of both Stephen and Anna
  • His fiancee Anna claims he has “half of iTunes” on his home computer
  • According to his wife, Anna, he sings at home including “Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley
Likings & Favs
  • Enjoys eating Scotch eggs when he can find them
  • Often rides his bike to the beach near his home in Venice, Los Angeles
  • Lists “The Oedipus Trilogy” as one of his favorite plays with the RSC
  • Claims a good cup of coffee is “a work of art”
  • Is completely in love with Anna Paquin.
Love & Family
  • His son Billy, born 2000, lives in London with his mother while his daughter Lilac, born 2002, lives in Los Angeles with her mother. Both spend time in LA with Stephen and his wife, Anna Paquin
  • Became engaged to Anna Paquin in Hawaii; announced engagement in August, 2009
  • Loves dogs, lives with two named Banjo and Splash, supports canine rescue organizations such as LA Dogworks in Los Angeles and a fund raiser that benefited ‘Good Dog Animal Rescue’ in Santa Monica
  • His dog Splash is a Collie that he brought from the UK and who sometimes accompanies Stephen to the set
  • Banjo is a rescued dog that Stephen gave to Anna for her birthday
  • Designed Anna Paquin’s engagement ring along with his jeweler friend, Kathy Waterman
What people says about Stephen
  • Known by friends and cast mates to have a great sense of humor and ability to put people at ease
  • Anne Rice is a fan of his portrayal of Bill Compton
  • “Stephen Moyer really knows how to give a sexy look on True Blood” – Canada.com
  • Admired by directors and colleagues as a “technical actor” with an eye for camera angles developed by his own photography hobby
  • Mariana Klaveno: “Working with Stephen is sheer fun. He has my favorite sense of humor in a person: wicked. There are a lot of laughs breaking up those vampy scenes. We’re also big music lovers. We spent much of the downtime comparing and/or sharing our indie rock collections with each other. Another thing worth mentioning about Stephen is that he is the most technically skilled actor I’ve ever worked with. He knows so much about lighting, lenses, angles and precisely how to set up every single shot. It’s really impressive and I try to learn as much as I can from him.” Trueblood-News.com
  • Deborah Ann Woll: “Anna and Stephen set such a nice atmosphere for the set: a kind, hardworking, and fun environment.” Trueblood-News.com
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