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At Simply Moyer, we’re all about Bill Compton who is portrayed by the talented Stephen Moyer. We will always have respect for Bill Compton’s creator, Charlene Harris, but it wasn’t until Alan Ball wrapped his mind around the beautifully tortured soul of William Thomas Compton that we truly became addicted.

William Thomas Compton was born April 9, 1835. Bill lived as a farmer in the small town of Bon Temps, Louisiana with his wife Caroline Holliday Compton and their two children, Sarah and Thomas. A turning point in Bill’s life occurred in January, 1861 when South Carolina seceded from the Union. Louisiana seceded that month, as well. On April 12, 1861 hostilities began when a small Confederate force attacked the U.S. military installation at Fort Sumter, South Carolina. These actions gave birth to the American Civil War and Bill joined the Confederate army under Colonel Henry Gray, Confederate 28th Louisiana Regiment. Bill attained the rank of first lieutenant during his service.

bill compton confederate soldier

1st Lt. William T. Compton, Louisiana 28th Regiment, CSA

When the war ended in 1865 the only thing Bill wanted was to be home with his wife and children. Losing his way home, after taking a shortcut, he found a small cabin owned by widow who offered him food and shelter. When she began to offer him much more, making sexual advances towards him, Bill quickly refused her. The widow, Lorena Krasiki, was intrigued by the married man’s morals and honorable behavior because, as we learn, each man who had come before Bill succumbed to Lorena’s sexual advances. At that moment, Lorena saw Bill as more than just food. She needed him. Instead of feeding on him and piling his body amongst the other scattered corpses in the room, Lorena decided to make Bill a vampire.

Bill Compton, Confederate soldier and Lorena Krasiki

Bill finds food, shelter & more at Lorena's house

Not long after Bill is turned vampire, he grieves as he stands at the edge of the forest staring at his wife and children sitting on the porch of their home. Lorena reminds him that he can never return to his former life. His home is now with her. However, Bill does return home in 1868. The pain of this visit will scar Bill. He finds his son laid out in a coffin, dead from a plague-type disease. Bill kneels by his son’s body and, crying blood tears, reveals himself to his wife who becomes frantic with fear. Lorena appears at his house to once again remind him of his fate. Bill’s hate for Lorena grows but he internalizes it, buries his son, glamors his wife to forget his visit, and leaves with his maker.

In 1926 Bill continued his love/hate relationship with Lorena and joined her in viciously attacking and feeding on humans. By 1935, they were comfortably living in luxury in Los Angeles. Bill however, was done with living Lorena’s lifestyle. His humanity clawed at him from the inside and he begged Lorena to release him. When she quickly refused he admitted to never loving her, calling her a sad and lonely creature. This infuriated her but Bill made it clear that he would rather die than live another minute with her. He threatened to stake himself. Lorena saw the truth in his eyes, and knowing he would follow through with his threat of suicide, she conceded and released Bill.

bill tries to stake himself

The true death is better than being with Lorena

Decades later, when Japanese scientists engineered Tru:Blood, a synthetic bottled blood, the vampires revealed themselves to the world -“came out of the coffin”- and the Great Revelation began. The creation of the synthetic blood allowed Bill to “mainstream” – live among humans equally. It took many years for Bill to crawl out of the blackness of his past and embrace humanity. When Jesse Compton, Bill’s last living relative, passed away leaving him the Compton house in Bon Temps, Bill moved back to his home town.

One evening after moving into his old home, Bill visits Merlotte’s Bar and slides into a booth. When Sookie Stackhouse, his waitress, turns toward him and their eyes meet, they are instantly attracted to each other. Their relationship began at that moment.

bill's first visit to merlotte's

Handsome, feral Bill

After their first encounter Bill began to fight for Sookie’s safety as her telepathic abilities became known to other vampires. First, Bill fights off a couple of local V-addicts and vampire drainers, the Rattrays, who are beating Sookie to near death. Next, Bill kills Sookie’s Uncle Bartlett, who molested her on more than one occasion when she was a child. Sookie confessed the molestations to Bill as they soaked together in his bathtub the night Bill took her virginity, so Bill drained Bartlett and threw his body into a nearby creek. The police ruled the death “accidental,” owing to the degraded condition of Bartlett’s corpse.

Bill kills uncle bartlett

Bill kills Uncle Bartlett for crimes against Sookie

Later, Sookie and Bill are ordered to Eric Northman’s bar, Fangtasia, to use her telepathic skills to help find a thief. Sookie reveals the thief is one of the bar’s owners, the vampire Long Shadow; Bill stakes him for threatening Sookie.

bill stakes longshado

Bill stakes the vampire Longshadow

For killing Long Shadow Bill was sent to a tribunal to appear before the Magister and his punishment was to create a new vampire to replace the one he had killed. Refusing at first, but then realizing he wouldn’t be able to protect Sookie if he were punished, he agreed and Jessica Hamby was pushed to the ground in front of him. The sight of the young girl tore at him and he tried to glamor her, shielding her from the horror and pain she was about to feel. Seeing that Bill’s attempt to glamor the girl was not only for her sake but for his own humanity, the Magister denied him the right to glamor. Bill realized there was no way out so he sank his fangs in deep, draining her and then buried her below ground until she awoke as his vampire child.

bill turns jessica

Bill creates a new vampire, young Jessica Hamby

Bill tries hard to balance things in his life such as his child Jessica, his duty to the Queen of Louisiana, his work for the local sheriff Eric Northman, but the most important thing to him is his true love, Sookie Stackhouse. He will do anything for her, anything to protect her even if it costs him his life. He has never known a love this deep and this pure and he will fight to protect it. Sookie is his “miracle.”

bill and sookie make love

Bill and Sookie make love

We have yet to see all the layers of Bill’s character. As True Blood approaches a new season we have just scratched the surface of Bill Compton’s character and power. We hope to have speculations answered and see more flashbacks into his past. One thing we know for certain, whether we’re watching dark Bill, light Bill, Henley Bill or naked Bill – we love all of him.

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