Bill Compton

In the first episode of True Blood, Stephen Moyer’s portrayal of William Thomas Compton (Bill) drew us in, as Moyer’s talent gives us a vampire that is not only sexy, but also deadly in the eyes of adversity. Born April 9, 1835 and turned during his service in the Civil War, this 175-year-old vampire is unique among his race. His compassion for humanity and his struggles against the actions of other vampires tortures his soul and leaves him broken.

His empathy for humanity surfaces when Sookie Stackhouse enters his world and the emotion of love awakens inside him.  One thing is certain; he will kill for his love and risk his life to save the purity that he has found within her, as he continues to struggle with the urges of a vampire. Season after season True Blood pulls us closer into the world that Vampire Bill experiences.  We become more attached and forever devoted to this beautifully broken man as we delve deeper into his character.

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