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Welcome to Simply Moyer, a fan site for devotees of the deliciously attractive and insanely talented actor, Stephen Moyer, currently known to the world as Vampire Bill. Here you will find information on Stephen’s many acting roles and upcoming projects, a collection of entertaining press articles, personal details, fun facts, and for lovers of eye candy, video clips and an extensive gallery of pictures.

We believe Stephen is a fabulous guy who makes millions of people happy with his fine work and is totally deserving of his own little shrine on the Internet. Enjoy the site, have a good look around and indulge in the sexiness of the gallery. We love visitors and feedback.

As Stephen Moyer continues to add to his long list of acting projects we continue to add to his site. Simply Moyer is built thanks to the efforts of Stephen’s fans around the world, so feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions or you have something to share. We will update continuously.

Want to send mail to Steve? Here’s the address:

HBO c/o True Blood
ATTN Stephen Moyer
2500 Broadway Suite 400
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Who runs this house?

Cynthia – AKA Aemac – is a displaced Canadian. The Yanks let her into New Jersey for free but she can’t afford the tolls out. She enjoys men, reading smut, volunteering her time transporting rescue dogs, kayaking in cold weather (she plans on escaping by way of the Delaware River) and never making it to the top of any mountain. She has no patience for stupid people or non-tree huggers, actually she has no patience period, but she’s working on it. If you would like to join Cynthia in her favourite hobby drop her a line and she’ll meet you for some local male procurement.

Becky – AKA SenseofDoubt isn’t too fond of talking about herself, which is why it’s taken so long to write this.  She lives in Pennsylvania, but occasionally heads off to Pine Barren land to visit aemac.  She is willing to pay the tolls to get out, though!  When not writing for Simply Moyer, she makes her living as a social worker.

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